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Katherine Flood  (Kati)


A painting is not a mere production.  To me, it's a creation.  Right or wrong; I claim ownership of the work in process.  However, the moment it gets your full approval, the ownership changes.  I have yet to finish a painting without looking at the world in a new way. Each brushstroke is applied with love.  



I went to school at Rochester Institute of Technology,  It may seem like a strange place to study art, but they have a good reputation in terms of printing and graphic design.  My major was Packaging Design.  (Yes; you can swear at my next time you cannot get into one. )

In 1985, just before completion of my degree, I was involved in a very serious car accident.  All medical forecasts were worse than horrible.  Yet, with a miracle or two, I survived.  However, the forecasts continued to be awful.  Many "Nevers" continued to be shared.  However, these medical experts had no idea who they were dealing with!  This, understandably, put off acquiring my degree on for several years. After applying myself towards recovery & therapy, with some physical impairments, I was finally able to return to complete my degree.

My philosophy is simple - Never rest on your laurels or count yourself out.  There is always something more.  A new way to apply an old skill. 

Please just send a photo to see what I can do with it.