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For this, I was careful to try to grasp a magical feeling while not coming close to any copyright infringement.  It was a piece that I really had a lot of fun with.  Please take a moment to look through your photograph albums.  Then, just take a snap or scan.  I'll be sure to get back to you with any ideas.  

My production time (with drying) usually is a week & a half.  I usually offer my productions with a matte & a frame. This, along with the artistic media requirements, affect my completed charge.   I have been known to actually do some searching for an image to meet a customer's description.  Just let me know what you have in mind & when you need your painting by. 

Then, let me loose...let's see what comes out of my paintbrush!

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Katherine Flood  (Kati)


I have been most recently applying my artistic skills to converting photographs into paintings.  I start with any image or painting of your choice.  Then, I make an outline on my choice of canvas.  Then, I usually start with acrylic paints.  My use of media might seem confusing.  I am comfortable using paints - acrylic or water color, markers, pastels, colored pencils, pastels...almost anything that will capture the image.  I've even been known to add a special surprise with luminescent paints.

I have found my greatest successes when a customer supplies the photo, listen to my feedback; but, then, just lets me lose on it.

Below is a painting for a customer who allowed me to do just that.  She explained that her daughter loves books, and had most recently truly enjoyed the Harry Potter series.  This shows a few of the steps & what I came up with.